USC Have


Dimensions: 6'3 by 18 7/8 by 2 1/4

Litres: 29

Condition: Used its a second hand board fair bit of wear and tear on the deck ,depressions etc ,one minor ding on the bottom ,all fixed and a few little scratches.

Construction: USC , Ultra Stingerless Carbon

Rocker: Modern Tweaked Semi flat curve 

Rails:  Medium

Bottom Contour: Slight Single to Double Concave with V

Fin Set up: Five fin setup , ride as thruster or quad fin

Fin System: Futures

Art: Plain White deck and bottom , framed in high quality Carbon fibre (Parabolic Rails)

Extra Notes:  Inspired by the Single Fin Era. Designed with wide point up front. Giving plenty of paddle power and an incredible versatility in many type of waves. Essentially made for bigger surf ,longer paddles and people who enjoy "heavy water" ,and look forward to bigger waves. Read more about it here



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