DCD Must

All Rounder ,super popular model,designed to sit just below your high performance surfboard.  Read more about it here

Dimensions: 5'7 by 19 1/2 by 2 3/8

Litres : 26.40 

Condition: Very Good , Minor wear and tear, couple of depressions in the deck but overall its in good shape. Little bit of wear tear on the bottom but no major dings or repairs

Rocker: All round rocker, medium to flatter (under chest) with little bit of extra tail lift, designed to maintain speed and drive but still work well in the pocket .

Rails: Low 

Bottom Contour : Single to Double concave, designed for instant speed .

Fin Set up: Thruster.

Fin System: Futures 

Extra Notes: This board is an epoxy construction , of course made in Australia . Brand new would RRP around $1000 aud. Carbon Deck "DCD" V2 .

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