Premium Mid Strength

Mid Length Single Fin 

Beaked nose old school outline,with plenty of foam under chest, fuller rails ,with foiled out tail. Ultimate fun machine whilst designed to paddle well,glide into waves and turn in the pocket. Whether you want it for marginal waves or perfect little peelers, this model will compliment your quiver .

Ex Demo board , selling as a Used Board.

Dimensions: 6'8 by 20 1/2 by 2 1/2

Litres : 39

Condition: Very Good , Minor wear and tear, couple of depressions in the deck but overall its in good shape. Little bit of wear tear on the bottom but no major dings or repairs

Rocker: Flat Rocker up front minimal tail kick

Rails:  Full up front and through the middle, then 50 /50 rails in the tail, leading into a Diamond tail .

Bottom Contour: Slight double concave up front with V off the tail 

Fin Set up: Single Fin

Fin System: 10 Inch Single Fin Box (note fin not supplied)

Extra Notes: Resin Tint finish in Green , with 3/4 deck patch insert on deck , 1/4 patch insert on bottom and cut laps etc. Type of board you keep for a long time !

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