Premium Mid Length Beak MLB

Dimensions: 6'3 by 20 1/4 by 2 7/16

Litres: 32.85

Condition: Brand New

Tail: Rounded Pin

Fin Setup:  Twin or Ride as "two plus one"

Fin System: Futures 

Suits: Brand New Stock Board 

Extra Notes:  The Mid Length Beak glides into waves easy but with low rails you can bank a solid turn with ease . Even at 32.85 litres and 2 7/16th in the middle all the foam is well hidden ! You can ride it as twin or add the rear stabiliser for when the waves have a bit more push .

Click here for a Video breakdown on this stock MLB

Artwork is Tara the Deity the supreme Goddess of all gods ! You will be surfing supreme after one wave on the MLB ! Hit this link watch a short video of this board .

Hit this link for a detailed review on the MLB


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