August 15, 2017

Get Ya Flow On

Looking some inspiration in your surfing ? The East Coast of Australia somehow has exited rapid from Winter straight into summer like conditions.

Great weather but small waves.... Calls for a quiver update 

Well add this USC Alienator to the quiver and you will be surfing super fast and smooth in all types of conditions . Albeit a design based of the all time Alien , this model has slight modifications and refinements ,one major point is the rounded pin tail for extra hold through turns and and added smoothness in the lines you draw . 

Custom orders you click right here ...

August 04, 2017

Premium Fuzz

We now have the Premium Fuzz Nutz order page up and running . This throwback  twin / quad is available in both the Carbon Rail Technology and the central wooden stringer version . Starting from $695 , then the USC Stringerless start from $895 .

There is lot going on with this model and once you throw it under your arm you really notice the finer points of the design . 

  • Flat deck line
  • Bevelled / Chimed rail
  • Fin Cluster "Old School Twin" template..
  • Extreme hip 

The bottom curve / rocker is relatively flat which gives the board a lot drive . Double concaves lead into a spiral V bottom . 

Essentially what it means is you can fit a lot of litres into a short board , without compromising the foils ,outlines and overall performance aspects (speed ,drive and maneuverability) , which often you see on really short fish surfboards. Quirky outlines and misplaced foam which hinders the boards flow more than helps it .

If you looking for a small wave fish surfboard that glides into waves with ease and open to drawing different lines, , then this could be the "go" !


July 17, 2017

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The original Batman passed away the other day and the Boss of Los Skull is massive fan of Adam West . Hence the Tribute to Batman on his step up custom . We designed the artwork in -house , and its a full board decal or "print" ....

Dimensions are 5'10 by 19 1/4 by 2 5/16 , 26.50 litres in brief it's based of the Blend Model ,then Custom made into a mini step up board . 

Still being a relatively short board, with plenty of foam hidden thru the plan shape and especially under the chest that will allow this board to paddle really well into solid waves. Allowing the surfer to push it in solid waves but still surf tight in the pocket with  that short board feeling .

July 10, 2017

Step Down Prototype

The Surfboard Fish movement came out of left field but now is here to stay . With alternate craft not so alternate anymore . In fact depending where you surf the standard squash tail thruster can be rare to spot in the line-up

Even in solid waves , really good surfers can make an usual surfboard work which was thought as impossible nearly a decade ago.

One of the best known board building companies in the world , made a statement that although the alternate craft are great and brought a lot to surfing and shaping . And expanding everybody's quivers . 

Essentially all flat rocker board ie: "fishes" go "good" , the flatter rocker generates speed to burn , lots of speed feels good when gliding across a wave face .

The more rocker you add the more the board needs curve in the wave to work. It's how the rocker reacts when you turn or "break the line" , that truly is the art of surfboard design . Understanding that at a high performance level then transferring that knowledge to all types of surfboards whether it be fishes or hybrids is essential to develop a good surfboard .

With that mind set , the quest to build a "Step Down" with characteristic of a small wave performance board we came up with this !

This boards DNA is in the fact the Savage model , but we widened the plan shape , made the rocker flatter , kept a reasonable performance rails , introduced a swallow tail shape .

Its still in testing stage but its designed to be ridden very short , in small waves . We will let you know , if its a keeper...

Stay tuned , but it looks like a "keeper" !

The artwork we added to the tail , as a "tail patch" using a print , then framed the print in high quality carbon , the multi directional version , its the best carbon on the market , same stuff Nasa uses when sending there rocket ships into space ! Adding a bit of extra strength to the tail area of the board.

July 03, 2017

Get Muted

Custom 5'9 USC Mutant , with a crisp Inverted Flower Of Life artwork on the deck on the way to the USA . Dimensions are 5"9 by 20 by 2 11/16. 31.78 litres.

Designed to have fun in small waves , read more about it here...

July 03, 2017

Stepping It Up

USC Performance Plus , Step Up in Turquoise Rail spray , framing the carbon parabolic rail . Dimensions 6'0 by 18 5/8 by 2 1/4 . 26 litres .Made for pumping waves ..

This model is our traditional performance plan-shape, step-up semi-gun model. Designed for good quality waves. Indonesia bound or pumping days back home.

Lots of rocker , low rails , and a true performance based plan shape ...

Time Out

Our main man Eden , who heads up all the logistics and customer queries, will be out of town from 23rd June till End of July. He is bound for the Banyaks and Mentawais to some dream waves in the northern part of the Indonesian archipelago ... (lucky for some).

 Time to get some tubes and test some new shooters for this guy !

The factory will still be open making boards, but all orders after 20th June you will be expecting delivery late July / Early August .

Eden's phone / email will still be working and he will do his best to answer all your queries and get back to you with updates from the factory about any boards in progress .

Sorry for the production times but quality sometimes takes a little time ... And Indonesia has been pumping and most of the workers are heading to Indo over the July period , so time to down tools and get shacked for the Formula Energy Crew !

Thinking about a new custom shooter in the near future, give us a call or email . Currently some of the performance models have been coming out 'The best ever" in performance and quality  ...

Here is few little waves of Eden on last trip in the Telos Islands..


Blue Swish Resin Tint

You can add artwork to your surfboard in many different ways . From traditional foam sprays , full board prints and of course Resin Tints or resin art .

Every surfer is different and customizing the artwork is an important part of ordering a custom surfboard. At Formula Energy one of our favourite parts of the day is doing Resin Tints. Adding the colour to the resin is not done on a whim , its like being a mad professor , measuring and mixing different colours , pigments and tints into the resin .

Blue Swish Resin Tint 

Sometimes you nail the application and colour scheme and sometimes you don't but its always done in good spirit and with a bit of creative flair . Every time you do a resin tint you are creating a functional piece of artwork that is as individual as you are  !

The above "Blue Swish" we love it ... 


June 12, 2017

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Rounding It Off

Here is USC Savage model, which normally comes with a squash tail as ridden by Team rider Brent Savage. This particular custom we altered the tail shape from a squash tail to a rounded squash or a "thumb tail" . The request was because the surfer is going to Indonesia and wanted more hold and smoother type of release through his turns . The board also has slighter more tail rocker. 

The Savage by in large has plenty of tail rocker and deep concaves , this tail will enhance and make the board surf smoother in the pocket and hold in more powerful surf and really allow you to push the board in good waves .

So far thumbs up on the shooter, feedback is "best one ever" !


Savage Round Tail

USC Savage 5'11 by 18 7/8 by 2 3/8 , 26.50 litres. Custom made request with Flower Of Life artwork .  

The Savage model comes recommended with a squash tail shape. If you looking for a little more hold then we can customise to a round tail  or step it up to a rounded pin tail ..

The Rounded Pin Tail , will offer more "hold" in overhead surf ,especially good if you like drawing longer lines thru your turns or driving down the line in point break type barrels. As opposed to your squash tail , which is designed to give more release and pivot for shorter punchy type beach break conditions.

Formula Energy  Surfboard Savage

If you are expecting good waves or perhaps hitting the Indonesian archipelago and like barrels and down the line the waves you can't go wrong with the this model ! 

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