USC Technology

USC patented range Since 2008

This is an extremely involving and technically advanced surfboard construction process.
With the USC range (ULTRA STRINGERLESS CARBON) we use a Polyurethane blank (pu) with no central wooden stringer, a high quality "stringer-less blank".

Extreme hi-quality polyester bio-resins are used in the laminating process and the rails are embedded with a high quality carbon material commonly known as the “PARABOLIC RAIL” using a Vacuum bagging process which dramatically reduces VOC’s emissions and historically has proven to produce a more durable longer lasting better looking surfboard. The "blank" or surfboard is essentially framed in high quality carbon.

Why Carbon?

Adding the parabolic carbon rail is all motivated by performance. By adding the carbon this enables the surfboard to spring back with an incredible lively feel, adding speed, drive and flex.

Carbon is the foundation for all organic matter – it is manipulated into strands (carbon fiber) then woven into a cloth which we use to create the parabolic stringer. Five times more durable than steel, two times as stiff, yet weighs two-thirds less, this ultra high performance material translates into a more responsive surfboard.

Combined with our unique fin set ups, foam distribution (foils) and rockers, you will surf faster, tighter and with-more control than you thought possible!

Traditional Polyurethane performance ,upgraded and enhanced to keep you board feeling ''alive" and delivering flex, drive and controlled speed. 

 From small wave hybrids and fishes to big wave guns the USC range covers the whole quiver !

The combination of modern carbon parabolic rails and quality glassing means a superior flex memory lifespan . More flex means more speed ,drive and control and a surfboard that will outlast and out perform.

Want a surfboard that will last out perform and out last anything you have previously ridden  ?

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