Jason Jameson

Height: 6'1

Weight: 70 kg

Resides: North Coast , NSW 

Quiver: Ride anything and everything 

Jason Jameson joins the team at Formula Energy Head Shaper / Designer.

Formula Energy Surfboards now produces the best quality surfboards since its inception almost a decade ago. A massive part of the re-vitalization of the existing models and the birth of new models like the USC Blend and DCD series is Jason Jameson. 

This true Surfer/ Designer /Shaper will be spearheading design , quality control and riding and testing each model to make sure they go unbelievably good. 

"I want the boards to look and feel good, but most importantly, I want them to go unbelievable!" - Jason

Jason has grown up in surfboard factories and his family has been building surfboards for over 35 yrs. A second generation surfer/shaper who career shaping boards started  at 15 years old. Being the owner means he is hands on in ever facet of the surfboard building process , not only hand shaping but also, from computer design files down to fin placement , sanding surfboards , and even custom resin tints and laminating any type of surfboard be it retro or cutting edge high performance 

Jason has competed on the WSL and many of his good friends Billabongs , Brent Savage , Jack Freestone and free surfer Chippa Wilson have gone on to great success. He preferred to just surf, shape and immerse himself in every aspect of board building.

In his last foray into competition surfing, Jason won the prestigious Burleigh Single Fin 2012 .

Jason has shaped boards for some of the top five WCT contenders .

Check him riding the USC Mutant on Vimeo