DCD Technology

The Performance based alternative to traditionally constructed surfboards

The DCD or Dual Carbon Deck Range was created in-house,combining the traditional performance based assets of the Polyurethane blank (PU) without a central wooden stringer ("stringer-less blank"). We then add hi-tech Carbon stripes running nose to tail and laminate in superior high quality polyester resins.

By removing the timber stringer (which has a poor memory and thus can create lag) and replacing with carbon composite, the boards spring out of turns faster with extra speed and drive. An added benefit is the carbon location may assist in reducing foot-wells, improving general wear and tear ,and increase the overall longevity of the deck of your board.

Currently in the DCD Range we are producing alternate style models but essentially all performance based.Which are designed to surf from rail to rail while also incorporating the fish qualities of great planing speed and drive in small waves. Essentially designed  as fun alternative to your standard normal board.which will put the enjoyment factor back into small wave surfing.


Keep that lively new board feeling for longer with the all new DCD Construction !