Fin Systems Set Ups

With some of our twin fin small wave models like  the High Flyer , we recommend a two plus one fin set up. 

Its a twin fin with the option of riding as:

A twin fin only.
A twin fin with a small rear stabiliser.
A twin fin with a larger stabiliser for bigger surf .

Most of the bottom contours are a single concave with a pronounced V off the tail in the small wave range of boards.

That is the reason we only use the original FCS plugs (dual tabs) in the rear fin plug , and not  FCS 2 or Futures because those systems are bigger with there wider bases that would affect the bottom shape  "V" and take away from the true shape of the surfboard , flattening out the "V".

Also with the rear stabiliser fins , there are plenty of after market options , a huge range of sizes and templates in FCS  original dual tabs available .

Go a small rear fin for looseness and easy turning ..

Larger rear fin for a little extra hold and drive ,to help draw out your turns .

And if you need any advice , hit us up and check out our online store for the latest fins and accessories in stock . 

Here are some good Twin Fins that are available online at our store CLICK HERE