Big Wave Bay

Big Wave Bay , never heard of it ? Well most surfers haven't . Unless you are Hong Kong Surfer. Expats and locals alike dig the punchy beach breaks of "Big Wave Bay" , well sometimes it dishes up the goods. It's the epicentre of surfing in Hong Kong. Most of the time it's a pretty ordinary wave but every dog has its day , according to the locals.

Big Wave Bay pumping

SB slotted in Hong Kong tube

Local knowledge rules here and fickle typhoons, shifting sand banks and a busy line up , may keep you in town eating dumplings and shopping  rather than chasing the mystical "Bay".

Our mate SB a HK local ,wanted a step down model versatile enough to cover Gold Coast beach breaks and for the short range waves of Big Wave Bay in HK, and maybe a little bit of "Off Season Bali".

We made him a Premium Blend 5'8 by 20 1/4 by 2 13/16 , 32 litres. But in a swallow tail. The tail shape normally comes in a squash but the "Swallow" will add a different feeling thru turns especially off the top and coming out of your turns. 

The bottom curve has an "All round rocker", tad flatter entry (under the chest) with little bit of extra tail lift, designed for instant speed and tail release.

The rails are a medium (mid) , but the most noticeably feature is the pulled in tail or the "Hip". Which really sets this board apart. Making for quick transitions and easy to turn in the pocket . 

Check it all out and read more one of most popular models to date  here .