Hemp It

Christophe works in the Hemp Industry in France and is stoked on the idea of ordering a surfboard with a Hemp deck.

Custom USC Nemo for Christophe , dimension are 6'4 by 21 1/4 by 2 5/8 , Chris wanted plenty of foam adding up to 37 litres

The Board is constructed using a stringerless blank then we add a Hemp deck inlay framing the rails using a high quality carbon ,mostly you see the Nemo with a swallow tail , but this one has a bat tail , something different . At 37 litres and with these dimensions on this type of design, you have got plenty of foam up front and under the chest , ideal to get you into waves early maintan speed and flow in all types of condtions and keep you put in the line up for longer catching lots of waves. 

We also added Cristophe company logo by special request , we made his logo into surfboard decal and glassed one of the deck and bottom . Looks Cool .. Hemp IT ....