Lately About Logs

Of late I have been doing a few longboards . If you check out the website you will notice I don't have a "model" on the site ! So I just thought I would bring you up to date on the kind longboards I have been shaping lately .

Longboarding is a whole world of interesting concepts from the hard core traditional surfers who just want to trim and nose ride to the full performance boards which guys want to pop airs and bust fins out the back and throw the board around like a modern short board .

I thought why not try make something in the middle ? The "point and go" logs have they place for sure but I wanted to try make something you could turn but also nose ride etc.

 I have one particular longboard shape that I have been working on for a few years . Finally came up with some what of a versatile board which sites in the middle ground of a modern longboard with some old school characteristics !

Its by no way a traditional log ! In fact it has a fait bit of rocker in the nose and tail but enough width and characteristics to be able to walk up and down , trim and hold a solid fast line on the board . Dimensions are normally  9'2 by 22 3/4  by 2 7/8 give or take a bit , I can customise but I have these dimensions seem to work the best for this design .

Here are few images of my version of great all round style of longboard  "The Magic Mal" designed for the funner, feel good side of surfing .

For a traditional feel ride with 9 Inch Single fin. To add more performance and turn it into an easier to turn style longboard drop the fin size down to 7 to 8 inch single fin and add some small side fins (side bites) .

Need anymore information about a board like this, hit us up !