Magic Green Machine

Boards have been taking a little longer of late but it's definitely worth the wait , for those who know, know and those who have been patiently waiting , thank you so much !

This a Mint Magic Mal / Longboard , dimensions are 9'2 by 22 3/4 by 2 7/8 (68.49 litres). 

Overall this a perfect longboard for someone looking for an all-rounder style of longboard. We took all the good "bits" from traditional and modern boards and incorporated into a longboard that we just made it so it goes good !

Easy to ride , generates a lot of forward momentum is is what blows people away when they ride this board.

For someone who wants to ride the nose with its chimed bottom concave entry nose or hang back over the tail with extra tail rocker to add quick response when you want to turn the board.

We added the "side bites" to the single fin box , ride with a bigger fin 9 1/2 inch single fin for a traditional longboard experience or drop the fin size down to a 7 1/2 inch single fin and add some small side fins and this will allow you to surf the board more dynamic , free and easier to turn .

Custom orders welcome