Mid Length Twin

Have you reached that time in your life where reality has hit and more foam is calling or are you having a second wind inspired by the footage of those wandering free surfing souls from the "Need Essentials" crew of late ? Surfing mid length twin fins with fineness ,ultra cool lines and uber style.

Inspired by all of the above we have a added a Mid Length Twin to the range , and here is the detailed breakdown on this Mid Length Twin or the MLT !

Firstly lets explain our Mid Length Twin Fin / MLT . Basically anything under 8'6 down to 6'6 could be classed as mid length . We designed this board to get you into waves fast , glide over sections and be reactive when you lay it on a rail , here is s how .

The outline or planshape is based off proven templates with extra width up front with a fuller nose shape which lends itself for speed and stability then a nice blended flat deck line and a pulled in tail leading into rounded pintail to compliment where we want to go with the performance side of this board. Rails we kept the traditional 50 /50 but blended up front and in the back end to give the board a slight more performance feel.


Rocker is low entry style "flat and fast" with minimal tail kick . The side profile you can see the flat deck line and a little old school "beak" on the nose .

The bottom shape is a single into double which gives the board ample speed complimenting the flat curve and then the double concaves tapering off through the fin cluster / tail.

Although the photo shows three Futures Boxes , it's a twin fin or a "Two Plus One" . The rear box is an option when you want a little more hold . 

Couple of these boards feature  Resin Tint creations , with the image below white tinted bottom and blue and grey tone deck insert . The work alone that goes into resin tints is complex but what you get at the end is a totally unique bespoke crafted surfboard. Above a mid grey deck and purple rails and bottom

Resin Tints are worth it on the mid length style surfboards, custom orders welcome.