Mid Strength

Want to glide into waves effortless , draw different lines , inspired by the "alternate genres" going on in the surfing world. Not sure how to transition from a "normal board to a "Mid Length" , things can get complicated real quick .

Formula Energy Mid Strength Single Fin Surfboard

However read on about the all new Mid Strength Single Fin by Formula Energy. 

Well we are here to simplify it, surfing ain't that complicated and neither should be boards ! Introducing the Mid Strength Single Fin ! Based of old school era when Mid Lengths ruled, well they are well and truly back but with more goodness , here is a breakdown .

 Starting up front ,The "Beak" nose allows extra foam up front and of course tapers down under the chest,its thick. A wider nose allows for excellent paddle power and stability.The wider point is slightly more forward. We kept the rails full up front ,but as the board foils out towards the tail we pinched / sharpened the rails for more hold when you step on the tail and want it to turn in the pocket.

The bottom shape, entry is a very slight double concave, almost unnoticeable but midsection the V kicks in and exaggerates down towards the tail.

The fin system is a 10 inch box. Anything from a 7'5 inch  single fin and up will work. Try Captain Fin Co , Alex Knost Fin or  SEA has a simple 8 inch template. Experimenting with fin templates can bring you great joy !

Tail Shape is a Diamond Tail, which allows a nice pivot point, and compliments the exaggerated V in the bottom shape. Allowing the board to turn easy.

Below are some basic images showing the outline and rocker of the all new "Mid Strength" Surfboard by Formula Energy .

With the Mid Length order with about an extra 10 to 15 litres on your standard shortboard, in other words an extra foot with extra width and thickness , or thereabouts, anymore questions hit us up. Essentially this surfboard  it's about catching more waves and getting out they when conditions ain't that great or small point break peelers are when you could really light it up on the this board !