Minimalist Grip

Back in the 1980's deck grips and tail pads were dominated by companies like Astro Deck and the good old Rocket Block . 

Astro Deck had the red hot surf team and the grip was hard to get being from the USA but everyone wanted it on there surfboards .

Rocket Block designed this kicker which was attached with velcro , you could take it on or off . Most times a wave ended up ripping it off and as a grommet you were very upset losing your new surf hardware !

And then the velcro stuck to your surfboard would cut your knees to shred over the summer ! Them were the days !

Of course we are not using velcro to attach our new design . It's a High quality 3m adhesive .

Our new signature T BAR TAIL PAD is inspired from the past .


The idea is pretty simple , most surfers like to feel connected to their surfboards and as close to the water line, the more you can engage your board .This T BAR design is like adding a tail pad without losing that connection.Having the kicker and arch bar ,adds something to push against which in some cases wax can let you down .

But by removing the side grip your toes and most of heel is will feel more connected to the surfboard and your wax job .

 Its super light , quick and easy to apply (one piece).

With a superior design ,rear Tail Pad extra traction updated diamond grip pattern.
3m adhesive the best product on the market 
Good traction , lightweight, low profile.
Size of the new T BAR  is width 215mm ( 8 1/2 inches) , length 295 mm ( 11 1/2 inches).

We hope you like it , and we also have a full range of standard shape tail pads in stock , call or email for more details on the size and shape that would suit your  surfboard . Or check out the full range here .