New DCD V2

Trying to build the best surfboard, inspiration comes from many areas and we have now on offer this tweaked option in the  DCD  Range .Its called this  DCD V2.

Below is the small wave Convert model , highlighting the high quality carbon, designed to mimic the Venturi effect ,but being on the deck as opposed to on the bottom of the  board , the idea is to enhance the "flex" pattern by using high quality carbon laid narrower at the nose and wider at the tail . Creating a V shape. Essentially "loading" the board up and the allowing the "V" shaped carbon design to release the pressure / torque through the tail as you accelerate out of turns. 


By maintaining the flex or "spring" you can hold your speed , which is supercritical on the these type of small wave surfboards.

The Venturi effect is related to water flow and when talking surfboards , often refers to bottom shapes, where the channels and other similar bottom shapes are involved.  By channeling the water flow then manipulating the way the water flows off the tail .

In Fact we have a new model being tested right now with these theories in place.


We call this this the DCD V2 look for the V2 logo, and it's available on all the models across the range . Need anymore information , hit us up for the right board to get under your feet !