Premium Fuzz

We now have the Premium Fuzz Nutz order page up and running . This throwback  twin / quad is available in both the Carbon Rail Technology and the central wooden stringer version . Starting from $695 , then the USC Stringerless start from $895 .

There is lot going on with this model and once you throw it under your arm you really notice the finer points of the design . 

  • Flat deck line
  • Bevelled / Chimed rail
  • Fin Cluster "Old School Twin" template..
  • Extreme hip 

The bottom curve / rocker is relatively flat which gives the board a lot drive . Double concaves lead into a spiral V bottom . 

Essentially what it means is you can fit a lot of litres into a short board , without compromising the foils ,outlines and overall performance aspects (speed ,drive and maneuverability) , which often you see on really short fish surfboards. Quirky outlines and misplaced foam which hinders the boards flow more than helps it .

If you looking for a small wave fish surfboard that glides into waves with ease and open to drawing different lines, , then this could be the "go" !