Something For Summer

Looking for a summer fun board ! Not sure what direction to head in ? Perhaps a Mid Length , Fish or maybe a hybrid fun board ?

Well here is a little helpful surfboard information to help you out . The main thing you want to make sure is your need a board thats going to excite you and get you pumped to surf when its small ! Something fresh and different to the "norm" is the key . By stepping out of your comfort zone and riding a different plan-shape or fin setup, what you are doing is challenging yourself .Your surfing wont go backwards , actually you can improve because you will look at waves and different sections with a more open mindset  !

One of the key features to getting the right board for average surf is volume ! Or justing the right amount of foam , if this confuses you or you are just unsure ask us ! Hit the new CHAT WITH US button down on the right hand side and we will be glad to help you out . But you got to remember "foam is your friend" !

Check out the hybrid Micro Mal its called the Option we have one in stock , you can ride it as single or twin fin . The main features are :

Its fast , real fast especially set up and ridden as twin . Flat rocker up front which allows it to glide into waves with ease .

Plenty foam in the right places but it has a pulled in tail pod (rounded pin) which means you  will be still able to turn in the pocket and push the board as it will hold through your turns .

Also its hard to ignore the mid length boards as well ! We have a beautiful  6'8 in stock , laminated with a resin tint ! 

Check out the Mid Length 6'8 model called the MLT here , we have one in stock for immediate delivery !

Firstly lets explain our Mid Length Twin Fin / MLT . Basically anything under 8'6 down to 6'8 could be classed as mid length . We designed this board to get you into waves fast , glide over sections and be reactive when you lay it on a rail , here is how .

The outline or planshape is based off proven templates with extra width up front with a fuller nose shape which lends itself for speed and stability then a nice blended flat deck line and a pulled in tail leading into rounded pintail to compliment where we want to go with the performance side of this board. Rails we kept the traditional 50 /50 but blended up front and in the back end to give the board a slight more performance feel.

This is a really special board something you can have for very long time ! We don't make a lot of this type of board we just do limited quality run ,designed to perform and built to last !