Tail Shapes Part Three

The Squash Tail.

The Squash Tail ,could be the most popular tail shape in modern surfboards, ridden by most "performance" surfers around the world. Walk into any Surf Store around the world and check out the performance range of surfboards and most will be a squash tail !

The squash tail outline is very user friendly , the design suits most waves from junky poor waves to good quality surf. The extra width of the squash provides stability and flow and directs water of the rail in a nice even , predictable manner . 

It Can be applied to any performance shape and even small wave boards like the Demon or Convert where you are looking for as much planing speed as possible and nice balance of smooth turns with a little release and pivot off the tail.



One of the best tail shapes was a "Rounded Squash" ,which sits between a squash and a round tail . Where the 1/2 inch or so of the squash was rounded slightly adding the benefits of a squash and round tail together "That board went unreal". Especially in good waves ..

Mix n Match the good characteristics of the Squash and Round Tail , in a USC Savage model.