Tail Shapes Part Two

The Diamond Tail

The Diamond Tail is a  long forgotten design, aesthetically pleasing shape that performs well with Twin fins and Two plus set ups, in general recommended for small wave boards aka fishes etc. . 


 Something innately nice about a "Diamond Tail" ! It's rarely ordered but oddily holds some romantic connection between surfer and surfboard at some stage of a surfers quiver . And there lies the conundrum , to explain the performance difference between say a "Swallow" , Bat and Diamond tail would be a far stretch , reality it's a cosmetic difference .

Some surfers say the bat tail may hold a little more stability but the Diamond when applied to "proper twin fin design"  with these key board design characteristics, "Flatish" deck line with medium rail volume. Low entry rocker with Single Concave leading into Double with pronounced V bottom. The pronounced V being the key ,which blends nicely from bottom shape to outline , complementing the design.

Tail shape theory is good to know, it’s important to remember that the key to a good surfboard isn’t one single element: it’s how all the different elements  work together. Please keep this in mind whilst educating yourself on surfboard tail shapes and reading any of our #design blogs.

Thanks and enjoy .