The Option Has Arrived

Looking for a small wave surfboard with a lot of foam, but not into traditonal  longboarding or don't have the room at home or in the car to fit a Malibu or longboard ? Strapping down your shooter on the racks off your car , just doesn't suit, or maybe just need a board to travel with but not keen on dragging round a Longboard ? 

Well we have come up with The Option, its a Micro Mal that packs a lot foam in small planshape, emulating the characteristics of a longboard with plenty of glide ,easy paddling into waves and just about having fun in tiny surf.

The Option has a rounded Squared off nose ,maximising the surface area up front, rounded Pintail down in the engine room , full outline and with a flat rocker under the chest and also a flat entry rocker , it flys down line and paddles like a true cruiser "like a dream". Then we added a touch of extra tail lift, to compliment the  bottom configuration of a very slight single concave up front into a double concave Vee . We recommend in a Single Fin setup . But we can do thruster option .

The fuller outline and flat rocker makes catching waves easy with our version of a Micro Mal and the “Option” is an extremely fun board designed to surf like a longboard but still be able to pivot and swing it round in the pocket without all the hassle of dragging round an 8 footer clunker..


 Some key points about the "Option" are above .Its Available in our DCD Range , quality Carbon deck Surfboard , designed to surf better , with superior flex pattern .Importantly built to last as well perform . Read more about the DCD and USC Ranges here. Need any more information and what size would suit you then please contact us .

Dreamy little runners, perfect for the Option photo by @bukitbear .