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Summer is here , so time to test and refine some boards for smaller type waves.

Here is the first of 2022 a single flyer rounded pin twin fin called the RP Twin Fin  . Its inspiration is for a modern performance style twin but still with fun characteristics  a twin can offer.

Its not meant to be ordered super short like a Fresh Fish model. You ride it about the same size as your normal shortboard maybe a little shorter . Ideal conditions 2 to 4ft fun style waves . This a very fast electric style board , with a hyper sensitive tail pod. The single flyer rounded pin combined with the twins and  harder edge you can really feel through your turns 

The single flyer rounded pin combined with the twins and harder edge you can really feel through and control your turns .


The plan-shape is a fuller nose than say your performance type board , rocker is a twin rocker we have, tried and tested based of the Sin Twin model . Bottom shape is single concave up front leading into slight double concave then V off the tail . Its fast !

Recommended fins something like the Aipas or a MR Twin fin. 

Its set up as twin with a deep V off the tail . The tail is really thin with a boxy style rail , its hyper sensitive , you can really feel the the V bottom when you turn hence having the longer rail line with give you more hold and drive. It goes real good , to summarise a fast fun style board which offer the freedom fo a twin but with plenty of drive !

 More Information about the RP Twin Fin here .

Your can order in any tech and hit the images below-to check the boards out in 3D.

USC model 

DCD Model

Premium model