DCD Option 5'10

Small Wave Micro Mal, for small , average waves that lack power . Epoxy (EPS) construction with Carbon lay up (DCD) .Designed for for fun small surf . Read more about it here

Dimensions: 5'10 by 20 1/4 by 2 1/4

Litres : 29.60

Condition: Very Good , Minor wear and tear, couple of footwells/ depressions in the deck but overall  in good shape. Little bit of wear tear on the bottom but no major dings or repairs

Rocker: All round rocker, medium to flatter (under chest) with little bit of extra tail lift, designed to maintain speed and drive but still work well in the pocket .

Rails: Med / Low

Bottom Contour : Subtle Double Concave leading into a soft rolled V.

Fin Set up: Single

Fin System: Single Fin Box

Extra Notes: This board is an epoxy construction , of course made in Australia . Brand new would RRP around $1000 aud. Carbon Rails DCD deck , bullet proof

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