If you like gliding into waves with ease and having instant speed and drive but still a looseness about your surfboards and don't mind a little bit of old school then the Premium Low Flyer may be the small wave quiver addition you have been looking for !


 A flat deck under foot then dramatically drops off at the rail line to an old school  beveled rail or "step down" rail shape . The step down effect gives you the stability of a flatter deck line but less foam out on the rail, allowing easier transitions through turns.

You can bury that rail whilst maintaining speed .

We actually gave this model a fair bit of rocker but it paddles like a dream and doesn't push any water .

We recommend to ride it 3 to 6 inches shorter than your normal performance surfboard .

It fun and fast , looks and feels different . 

With the V under the back foot we add  FCS plugs , so we don't compromise the rear tail bottom shape. It gives you the option of adding a rear stabilizer which we recommend !

This model is also availble in the DCD range with the Carbon/ Kelvar fused deck 

Order now starting from $695 , including free freight offer (conditions apply).