March 06, 2018

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December 22, 2017

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Half Price Surfboards

With Summer almost here we are having a SALE on all NEW BOARDS IN STOCK. If you looking to spend around $500 , and want a new Formula Energy surfboard ,now is your chance .

All NEW and USED stock boards have been reduced some up to 50% off.

Formula Energy Surfboards on SalePlease note we only keep a small range of surfboards in stock and this is a limited offer, on current stock only.

Need anymore info or help contact us or email us or phone 0418 798209

We can freight your board anywhere in the world , check out Shipping info and rates here . Or looking for custom , turn around is about four weeks for a brand new custom , for orders placed over next few days. 

July 17, 2017

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The original Batman passed away the other day and the Boss of Los Skull is massive fan of Adam West . Hence the Tribute to Batman on his step up custom . We designed the artwork in -house , and its a full board decal or "print" ....

Dimensions are 5'10 by 19 1/4 by 2 5/16 , 26.50 litres in brief it's based of the Blend Model ,then Custom made into a mini step up board . 

Still being a relatively short board, with plenty of foam hidden thru the plan shape and especially under the chest that will allow this board to paddle really well into solid waves. Allowing the surfer to push it in solid waves but still surf tight in the pocket with  that short board feeling .

Blue Swish Resin Tint

You can add artwork to your surfboard in many different ways . From traditional foam sprays , full board prints and of course Resin Tints or resin art .

Every surfer is different and customizing the artwork is an important part of ordering a custom surfboard. At Formula Energy one of our favourite parts of the day is doing Resin Tints. Adding the colour to the resin is not done on a whim , its like being a mad professor , measuring and mixing different colours , pigments and tints into the resin .

Blue Swish Resin Tint 

Sometimes you nail the application and colour scheme and sometimes you don't but its always done in good spirit and with a bit of creative flair . Every time you do a resin tint you are creating a functional piece of artwork that is as individual as you are  !

The above "Blue Swish" we love it ... 


Savage Round Tail

USC Savage 5'11 by 18 7/8 by 2 3/8 , 26.50 litres. Custom made request with Flower Of Life artwork .  

The Savage model comes recommended with a squash tail shape. If you looking for a little more hold then we can customise to a round tail  or step it up to a rounded pin tail ..

The Rounded Pin Tail , will offer more "hold" in overhead surf ,especially good if you like drawing longer lines thru your turns or driving down the line in point break type barrels. As opposed to your squash tail , which is designed to give more release and pivot for shorter punchy type beach break conditions.

Formula Energy  Surfboard Savage

If you are expecting good waves or perhaps hitting the Indonesian archipelago and like barrels and down the line the waves you can't go wrong with the this model ! 

Light Blue Hemp

 This new Light Blue hemp is the lightest material in the hemp range , adding it to the deck of your board in the USC range ,with the  parabolic carbon rail compliments the "flex" and spring enhancing the drive and speed of the board, keeping it looking good for longer and that all important new board feeling .

The "look" of the material is almost a subtle light blue denim once it is glassed .

The Hemp / Tencel combination is a winner for heavy footed surfers or people who tend to hammer their decks with massive footwells and depressions .

Check out more about the hemp and all the other colours available here.

Lift Off

Smoking USC Alien custom surfboard for Joao . This is the one of the most popular boards we have created so far. If you like to travel with a good reliable surfboard than this is the one to add to the quiver . Or perhaps you are the type of surfer who rides one board in range of conditions ! Surfing your local or globetrotting adventurer than this surfboard got you covered .

The key features of this "High performance fish" , with wide point forward , for easy paddling , but with a tight performance based tail-pod for performance based surfing in the pocket . Single into double concaves with a medium rail volume .

Formula Energy Alien Surfboard

Dimensions on this custom model are 5'9 by 19 5/8 by 2 5/16 litres are 26.81.

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