New Banger


This new banger is called the  USC Fuzz Nutz by Formula Energy . We think it will surpass the Alien or Nemo in popularity .It is a brand new model for 2016 . Tested and refined over a 6 month period , finally its here . One of the fastest most responsive surfboard we have added to the range . Combined with the carbon technology "USC" its a must have small wave surfboard to add to the quiver .

Everything old is new again , perhaps ? This new Surfboard design has been in the plans for long time . We wanted to make a throwback , to a traditional Quad fin , how quads in the Eighties came to being .With the fin placement based off old school twin fin and the two rears fins added accordingly .
Most modern day surfboards are five fin set ups that are thrusters with an extra two fin systems (boxes) added , to give you option to ride as either a quad or thruster. 

The fin placement of a modern day thruster is way different from a quad fin / twin fin of yesteryear

Thats what we wanted to tap into with this quad , the old school fin placements !

Below left, the Quad fin set up , note the tight cluster compared to more conventional set up five fin option .

Design wise this surfboard is a true collaboration of a few of our favourite models .Combining the elements that we really like and then fine tuning and tweaking them to suit .
We took the good feeling of the flat deck line of the DCD Low Flyer with its Exaggerated Step Down Beveled Rail or "chimed" rail and although its not as exaggerated as the DCD Low Flyer , the flatter deck line allows more foam evenly distributed through the board allowing you to ride it very short still with volume / litres disguised nicely .

The plan-shape, we based it off the small wave performance model the USC BLEND outline and added a swallow with a really pulled in hip .
 We spent close to six months thrashing out the design on this surfboard and we feel its a real "banger" .


The fin set up is essential a TWO PLUS TWO ..

Whack your favourite set of quads in or some nice upright twins and then you can even add some small rears quads with the twins up front .

Bottom shape is single into double concave, with spiral V through the tail . It super quick and surprising holds in overhead surf . You can really push this board and ride it really short , 3 to 4 inches shorter than your normal high performance model.