This BV2 model from the USC Range got a little make over on the bottom ! 

Read on to learn how this art  could be more important than you think ..

Adding art to your Surfboard is cool, it makes your board feel individual and is an important part in a custom surfboard order process.

Well what about if adding certain colours and shapes could also act as a shark deterrent ?

And they was some solid science behind it ?  

 A recent number of shark encounters of late , which started in West Australia and now the East Coast is seeing large sharks being spotted daily at popular surf breaks especially on the North Coast of NSW.

The Art design is based of Biomimicry which is the science of replicating nature. 

A great example of Biomimicry in nature is the humble pilot fish you often see swimming around the head of large predator sharks like Great Whites, the small fish have black and white stripes and subsequently they are not preyed on by the shark .

The colouring of the fish acts like camouflage , preventing the shark from identifying the fish as prey ..

A guy named Hamish Jolly has been doing some solid research on shark's vision and the way there identify food .

Click on link  to watch the video on the TED website or watch the YouTube video below to learn more about the most feared apex predator  on the planet and the way wetsuit fashion may change in the near future.