Pure Performance

6'3 USC Hi Performance , custom made . For really good waves . 

Single concave under the front foot leading into double concave, instant speed and flow but with release and pivot that is needed under the back foot with the double concave , and tail shape is the super reliable squash tail.

USC Construction
USC Construction, or “Ultra Stringerless Carbon” construction with parabolic carbon rails, Really sets itself apart with the unique blend of materials and placement of the carbon.

With USC, you are using a stringerless blank, but a PU blank instead of EPS. The carbon is also laid around the perimeter, but more on the deck instead of wrapping under the rails.

The PU blank gives you that familiar feel we all know and love, while the parabolic carbon layout adds more speed, drive and flex. Combined with a unique bio- polyester resin, these boards lower their carbon footprint and are built to last, while giving you a board you can feel comfortable on as soon as you jump in it.

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