The Most Fun

Is this the most fun twin fin we have designed ? The DCD Low Flyer has done the rounds with all the boys and the consistent feedback , its one of the fastest surfboards ever ridden . And you actually forget its a twin and just surf it as hard as you want , drawing different lines and turns !

The main point of difference is the flat deck line  with the carbon kevlar stripes .

The deck line is flat then the rails taper into a step down bevelled rail .

"The flat deck line gives you stability in the short plan-shape but the bevelled rail allows you to bury it through your turns without it catching." 


Combined with  the single into double concave , with V , then add the little rear stabiliser .

"This surfboard absolute flies."

Order real short but add a few extra litres than your normal performance surfboard .

This will make you look at summer junky waves and little rips banks another dimension of fun !


The above image is off the Aku Shaping machine , just to give you an idea of the rocker and the profile, foil / Foam distribution on the Low Flyer .

Please note the bottom image is a pre-shape hence the swallow tail has not been shaped into the surfboard .