Payment Options

Here is a brief explanation of the Payment Options at the Formula Energy Online store.

We have two payment options available . Once you make your purchase and click the checkout option this is what the window looks like. We have used the Tail Pad as an example.

The first Option is PAYPAL.

Once you click Paypal you will be asked to login to your Paypal account as per normal then you will be redirected back to our site to enter your details and finalize the shipping address and details.

The next safe and secure credit card payment option is Shopify powered by Stripe

You can read about Shopify / Stripe and its trusted security with your Credit Card details.

Enter your details below ,Customer Information as per the menus. 

It should all the pretty straight forward and it will give you a few different freight options depending on where you live 

Then Hit the blue button above to enter your Credit Card details either using our payment system or PAYPAL .

Click a few more boxes and its all good and paid up and ready to be shipped !