Cherry Blossom

A custom 6'6 with a special request for Cherry Blossom Pink all over spray job !

This Model is the MLT or Mid Length Twin Fin.  Cruise down the line or bank a few big arcs and re entrys , the versatilely of this model is deceiving !

We set it up as Two plus one , which adds the benefit of riding as a straight twin fin which we recommend or adding a small rear stabiliser if you really like to push your boards and tend to overpower twin fins !

The outline or planshape is based off proven templates with extra width up front with a fuller nose shape which lends itself for speed and stability then a nice blended flat deck line and a pulled in tail leading into rounded pintail to compliment where we want to go with the performance side of this board. Rails we kept the traditional 50 /50 but blended up front and in the back end to give the board a real performance feel. 

This Mid Length Twin fin surfs with plenty of pop, don't let the fuller nose plan-shape trick you into thinking its just for cruising ! But of course its fun board to cruise down the line on as well.