Frothing On My Beak

After really solid feedback from some good surfers riding the MLT  (Mid Length Twin) . I wanted to design a Mid Length twin fin that I "guess" fits more into the  "look' of what a Mid Length supposed to look like in the current surfing world !

Introducing the Mid Length Beak Twin Fin  , (pictured above and below in Burnt Orange with a Black stringer , as a straight twin fin).

Please read on if you want to hear about the DNA and inspiration for this type of board and why we added it to the line up.

The MLT is great board (photo above & below) which is super easy to surf has a great rocker , foil  and rail shape combination , however it does have a fuller nose outline which with the casual glance make it seem like its a mini mal type of surfboard, which is great for cruising into waves and crew coming back from an injury or surfers just not getting enough time in the water these days. But for the surfer venturing into into this type of board for the first time may not be as appealing as a more sleeker nose surfboard. 

 I wanted to add a new Mid Length to the range with a lesser nose area but keep it an old school feel under the arm but performance orientated out on the open face and even as much hold as possible a twin fin can offer . With plenty of foam up front for easy paddling but still be able to hook this board under and even over the lip and drive through the steeper sections and barrels. 

In essence a super versatile board you will not want to stop riding , warning it may become your go to surfboard !

So here is brief breakdown of the brand new Beak Nose Mid Length Twin .

Firstly what I did was reduced the fuller nose outline but I kept the foam and increased the thickness forward , pumping up the beak nose , kept the rocker from the MLT but essentially moved the foam from the width up front to thickness !

This gives you a lot of paddle speed and flow and allows you to glide onto waves. Sit deeper or perhaps wider and generally allows you to paddle through the line up a lot quicker and negotiate crowded line ups or sweepy point breaks like we get here on the East Coast of Australia .

 The Rails are "low" but not crazy pinched just enough . This board is designed to be pushed if thats what you are looking for , rail to rail transitions is easy because I freed up the bottom by adding extra concaves from the mid point back. From slight double concave under the front foot to deeper nearing the fin cluster the into a slight V shape at the rear end.

Surf it in the pocket and the extra foam up front is no issue for or burden for whipping this board in the pocket . It actually surfs like a lot shorter and lively than the dimensions written on the board .

Above an image of the deck and rail middle section of the board of the Aku software. The machines are amazingly accurate these days but you still have to "shape" the board once you get it cut and into the shaping bay !

In the bay.

People still ask about hand-shape verses machine , once the machine cuts the pre-shape / outline from there everything is done by hand / handmade . The amount of hands that touch a board in surfboard factory is a lot !

6'8 Mid Length 

 Rocker profile.


Fins , the board is designed to be ridden as a Twin fin , with upright style of fin like Akila Aipa , Captain Fin Co or MR style . I do add the trailer box (2+1) but in general its not needed as the longer rail line on his type board give you enough hold but adding the trailer in more powerful waves


Rocker Image shows the board is flat under where your front foot would go but has a gradually curve, starting forward and a nice amount of tail rocker. Above is USC stringer-less Carbon version which we can make up to 6'10. Over that length please order in Premium Construction or need anymore details please contact us.

 Order from 6'6 and up , you can order as a Two Plus One like the image above or go straight Twin Fin  , Its called a Mid Length Beak  and please contact us if you need more information .

Burnt Orange 6'6 by 20 1/8 by 2 5/8 (38 litres).