Collaboration Surfboard

Here is a collaboration we did with the lads over at Los Skull. Los Skull is a hardware / apparel focused brand with a heavy emphasis on quality surf gear.

So when the opportunity came up to make a quality surfboard , we were stoked to work with them 

This board is called the BAT .. its a magic little twin fin design , made for small waves, but we added the Thruster box , so you ride as a two plus one , just to give it little more spice when you lay into a turn .

Features a Carbon Innegra deck , fully polished with black mat rails. The outline is a modern fish , with a fairly mellow rocker , for instant speed , then of course the signature bat tail for a little pizazz in your turns.

The bottom also has two channels which really add speed but also hold , which is great on a twin fin. We also recommend adding a third fin , albeit something small , like a GX or GL in the old FCS language . Just a small stabiliser .

If you are keen to learn more , head over to Los Skull website or contact us direct and we can give you all the finer details on this master piece fun machine of a surfboard !