Carbon Innegra

Introducing the all New Carbon Innegra Diamond Deck. Space age lightweight cool looking material, for the deck of your next surfboard !

Diamond pattern Carbon Innegra is now available to order on the deck of your new board. Carbons qualities are world renowned from stopping bullets to reinforcing space craft. Now this amazing material  is combined with lightweight Innegra .

So what is Innegra ?

Innegra is a polypropylene based fiber that when woven can be used just like carbon fiber or fiberglass. It’s lighter, more buoyant, more impact resistant, and more abrasion resistant than fiberglass. It’s also more flexible than fiberglass, but can elongate almost twice as much before it fails. When combined with materials like fiberglass and carbon fiber in the right way, Innegra can improve structural characteristics and optimize weight.


 By combining Carbon / Innegra material ,fibreglass and foam you get a superior surfboard that will perform better and last longer .The Carbon Fibre provides stiffness while the Innegra fibre is resistant to impact damage, great combination for the deck of your board !

Check it all out here .