Deep Purple Mid Length

We got one smoking MLT (Mid Length Twin) stock board . You can buy it now for immediate delivery, remember its a one off so when its gone its gone but happy to make you a new one , you just got to wait a little bit !

Its the type of surfboard you will own for a long time ! Hence we did it in a high end resin tint, deep purple colour bottom artwork with cut lap and mid grey deck insert and 3/4 patch.

Performance aspects its 6'8 by 20 1/2 by 2 1/2 volume 39 litres.The outline or planshape is based off proven templates with extra width up front with a fuller nose shape which lends itself for speed and stability then a nice blended flat deck line and a pulled in tail leading into rounded pintail to compliment where we want to go with the performance side of this board. Rails we kept low and the traditional 50 /50 but blended up front and in the back end to give the board a performance feeling.

 Need anymore information , hit us up , we are here to get the right board under your feet !