Whats In Stock

Looking for a new shooter or just want to update the quiver, and can't wait 4 weeks or so for a custom order ?

Then check out these boards . You can purchase them right now . Scroll down and hit the links to get all the information !

 USC Demon model .We have one in stock Demon (above) and other models ,some listed below . Scroll down and hit the links if you see something you like . These are all stock boards and you can buy them for immediate delivery ! We ship all round Australia and the World packed real well and fully insured .

USC Fresh Fish The design of the board features, a blue hemp deck carbon stringers-less blank with a  traditional straighter outline and flattish deck line with added foam which give you an added advantage when paddling .The boxy rails keeps that old school feel,  but are a nice blend of traditional and what works best with this style of board . Buy this one off here "its a keeper".

Premium MLT Twin fin with a fine resin tint

The outline or planshape is based off proven templates with extra width up front with a fuller nose shape which lends itself for speed and stability then a nice blended flat deck line and a pulled in tail leading into rounded pintail to compliment where we want to go with the performance side of this board. Rails we kept the traditional 50 /50 but blended up front and in the back end to give the board a slight more performance feel. Buy this Mid Length Twinny here


Premium Option , ride as a single or Twin Fin 

The Option is a Micro Mal , designed to glide into waves like a normal longboard but all the volume is compacted into a shorter plan-shape. Limited for space in the car or home. Here is a genuine alternate to Malibu / Longboard ,read more about it  here .

USC Must 6'0 Good All rounder shooter .Not sure of the surf forecast or type of waves you are going to surf for the day ? Well we tried to cover as many bases as possible with this surfboard. Its the one to pack in the board bag, when you are unsure of the conditions.Designed to be surfed in a wide range of conditions. We call it the "Must"check it out .

USC Adapt  5'7 The ADAPT is newer model and as its names suggest is a fun machine albeit designed to sit next to your favourite fish in the quiver .Don't let the pointy nose fool you , there is plenty of width up front and foam . Full Boxy rails , generous foam proportions to the overall outline and flatter deck line. Check it out Buy now this 5'7