Mad Ments

 Mentawai Islands are mad ! The wave quality is off the richter . If you were lucky enough to visit there this year , you probably scored magic day like this . Back to back swells kept everyone stoked over the Indo season.

 Eden loving the warm water of the Mentawais early this year , Surfboard USC Savage model , with favourite fins John John's Futures thruster set up.

"Board of choice for quality waves". 

What's your board of choice for the magical Mentawais ? Rocker , rails and outlines ? What works best , what suit you ? Lots of questions with ambiguous answers can confuse you and eventually frustate and put you on the wrong equipment .

If you follow some basic guidelines and are open minded , listen to the people who are tuned into what works.

Well then you are on the right path to owning a great surfboard .
Thats is what counts when you are on the surf trip of your life !