Must Have Foam

When you are going on a Surf trip of a lifetime and you are mid Sixty years young and still keen to surf more than ever . The bottom line is foam is your friend ! The right board is crucial to enjoy every moment in the water !

The Have model is designed to glide into waves easy but still turn and hold in the pocket when the surf gets good !

I made this board for a great friend and legend of a wetsuit maker Shuhei-San in Chiba Japan ! He has been making quality wetsuits for almost his entire life and lives and breathes surfing . Tells a good yarn too !

You can read about the connection between W.A Westsuits and how it launched in Japan back in the day and still going strong , little bit of surfing history then click here , it may be in "Japanese" language just hit your google translate for English text.

Shuhei is off to the Mentawais with a bunch of friends later next year on a boat trip. This board is 6'5 by 21 by 2 3/4 (41 litres) with a maroon deck and black stringer spray job.

With the Have even though the nose is wider than you standard high performance shooter , I have kept the tail pod relatively narrow , also adjusted the way the board "foils" from the mid back section into the tail pod .

The rocker and bottom concaves all enhance this board performance , its fast easy to ride and works in the pocket , all the good points of a great board to travel with. 

The rail line , edge really stands out when you feel this board in the flesh , the idea being this is what will give you hold in steeper sections and driving thru barrels etc. Its been a super popular model with all the surfers that have got one , some guys are even on they second version of this board !