Must Have Surfboard

Not sure of the surf forecast or type of waves you are going to surf for the day ? Well we tried to cover as many bases as possible with this surfboard. Its the one to pack in the board bag, when you are unsure of the condtions. Designed to be surfed in a wide range of conditions. We call it the "Must"...

Must Surfboard Formula Energy shaping bay

Its super user friendly , all rounder performance model but can still cut it in small waves. It has the characteristics of a performance model modern outline with slightly more width through the nose and a nice balance through the engine room then down into the round tail with a similar outline to the Blend , which has been very popular step down performance model.

Key Features of the MUST 

Flat entry rocker leading under the chest, for instant speed, with a little tail rocker to allow the board to release in the pocket .

Single to double concave bottom ,most versatile and proven performance bottom shape.

Round Tail for extra hold and allowing nice flow and ability to link between you turns with ease. 

Available in The Premium Range , starting form $695 or go the full top of the range in the USC Series , feature above is the all new Carbon Innegra Diamond Deck.

Custom made to your requirements , hit us up for anymore questions !