Off Season

Gold Coast has been overloaded with bombing waves courtesy of cyclone Gita this week and with the swell came crowded line ups , jet ski hi jinks some dreamy pits , with surfers hungry for their waves. Sick of crowds and going right or being bombarded in your social feed and got the full "FOMO" feelings going on ? 

Then perhaps "Off Season" Indonesia ? It may not be 10 feet and 15 secs intervals but an uncrowded  line ups these days , is pretty rare . Our Italian mate Alessandro left freezing cold Sardinia for some warm waters and user friendly waves at one of the most magical surf destinations in the world ! 

Alessandro swinging his favourite USC Savage round back into the pocket at one of the most famous lefts in the world.

These islands apparently are sinking and for returning surfers , you can slowly see how the ocean is slowly encroaching on this point .

The tube is so perfectly shaped its named after a piece of food the same shape. And it ain't an almond.