Word Up On Carbon

"On a pure performance basis, there is NOTHING stronger than a uni-directional carbon fiber layup".

Close up of the Uni Directional Carbon Rail (USC) with a gold pin line effect.

Multi directional carbon or unidirectional carbon is what we have used on Formula Energy Surfboards since inventing the USC range . In fact we have been producing our boards in the same factory for over ten years with the same behind the scenes crew. Basically it's the stuff you see in the cockpits of Nasa Spacecrafts and dashboards of top of the line Sports cars , like Ferraris !

Many other brand Carbon rail boards today use a single direction carbon . It's inferior than the multi directional on many levels.

All the strength in fiber composites is gained through the fibers and the fiber direction.  As a result, you can dictate carbon strength by the direction you place the fibers. Essentially if you have fibres running north, south , east and west you have superior material than the single direction carbon on most EPS , Epoxy models you sell in the line ups today. The key however is applying without reducing the performance of the surfboard . In other words you don't want to over stiffen the board . Stiff boards don't go good , boards need to flex. 

Flexing in the Jungle ,photo by Jordan .

Next time you take a closer look at the carbon being used in your board, the shapes ,the strands and direction there go , little extra information never hurt ! If the carbon is running nose to tail only then you are getting an inferior option than than the quality Multi-directional Carbon we use at Formula Energy on the USC Range of surfboards and DCD range .

  Parking a USC Savage , Eden . Photo by Captain Mark, Mangalui