Performance Orientated

Surfing and surfboards have many genres , from pointy nose performance blades to Eggs and mid lengths . Soul arching high line trims, to cutting edge above the lip performance surfing its all surfing . People will debate it , fight over it but its endless conversation and so is design .

Performance boards , longboards , fishes etc and so on all have there place .

But there is something "about" a performance surfboard and the challenges it throws up when trying to nail a really good board for pumping waves.

For me personally I think its the fact that when you ride these types of boards , the waves are pumping and in essence a memorable day is on the cards !

Above is the first iteration of a performance model in a bum tail swallow , where I drew from the good aspects of a few different models in particular the Have , Blend and The Savage .

Its fast , really fast has a lot drive and is designed to be pushed hard and hold in . It has your standard single into double concave bottom with a performance style rails and a nice hard edge few inches in front of your fins. 

Overall its very responsive , I changed up a lot of "minute" things trying to push boundaries and allow me to evolve as surfboard designer / shaper. 

One of the key features of all our boards is that every model has been designed form scratch albeit we take good points from certain boards we don't just change  plans shapes ! We actually design the rails , rockers and foils to work as best as possible with that style of board , to compliment not to hinder !

Stay tuned I will keep you updated on the progress of this design . Above is swallow tail version and above that a squash tail.