Mullberry MLB

Its insane how quickly surfboard design moves , its real cool to see "beak noses" become popular again . 

Lately  I have done a lot of beaks even though I only have two or three models in the line up . The Mid Twin MLT  and Mid Length Beak (MLB) being the most sought after.

Its a definite advantage having more foam forward. You just got make sure its balanced and you add in the other design elements which makes sure the board surfs how you want it and the extra foam up front doesn't hinder the "fast and free" style you expect on a Mid Length twin .

This a custom 6'6 by 20 1/4 by 2 11/16th (38 litres) with a Mulberry tint on the deck and bottom . 

You can order as straight twin or two plus one. Fins , I really like the Futures Akila Aipas or Tyler Warrens Captain Fin Co and in FCS hard to beat the MR twin range and you can even get the Akila's in FCS 2 tabs now !

 I am really kind of torn with the fin option and styles . Fins are a real personal journey to find what works best for you but hopefully above a few templates and links that may help you on the right path finding a good fin template !

The MLB and MLT too by the way, have a fair bit of V off the tail just going the straight "twin" you can really feel the V when you engage the board whilst turning . However they is something nice about having the rear fin stabiliser option. Even though I recommend a small fin its not a bad option when the waves get a bit of push behind them to add the third fin for a little more hold .