River Resin Tints

If you are looking for unique art on your next surfboard .

Then the process of surfboard Resin Tints its not only a traditional way of applying colour but adds a deeper colour as the colour is mixed with the resin during the glassing stage . 

As the colour is impregnated it kind of adds a 3D quality to the board . Way more depth than a traditional foam spray .

The above we call "River Runs" , Pink River on the left and Blue river on the right .

Any colour / design is possible and using the black really makes the main / centre colour pop . 

Any colour combination is possible if you want something unique !

These two boards are a new performance twin / 2 + 1 I have been working on .

In its a modern performance twin , still in the research and development stage . 

I keep posting any updates to keep in loop with Our Latest Twin Fin Designs.

Or contact me if you are looking to add a new board to the quiver . 

This Board feel unreal especially when running some really large upright twins which gives it a lot of drive and hold , something most twins lack when it pumping . Sure you have speed but most twins feel to loose and slippery once you really start to push them 

Want it to work in the pocket in steeper more intense waves with hold . 

Keep checking back for updates .