Fun Fish

This is a custom Premium Fresh Fish . Dimensions are 5'6 by 21 by 2 3/8 ( 32 litres) . It has massive deep swallow tail , close to six inches in depth and almost twelve inches in width at the tail .  

It a fun and very fast board for smaller types of waves and works best in weaker lower period swells / junky short period stuff .

Essentially this type of surfboard is designed to be ridden with keel fins but I have slightly tweaked the fin set up so you can ride with a hybrid style of keel / upright twin fin .

With so many good styles of twin fins designs on the market , not just keels its good to mix it up and try new things !

It has a very slight single concave running into a tad of double concave and of course very flat entry rocker but a little extra tail lift than most boards this style .

Most surfers order this type of board and set it up with standard keels fins but I designed this so you can use hybrid style of upright / keel fins something that sits in the middle and will give the drive of a keel but also little more of the looseness and freedom of a twinny !

 The Fresh Fish "toe" or angle of the boxes sits somewhere different (no measurement's here , secret sauce ) . But basically Not too parallel with the rail line. 

This allows to mix it up and if you are a lighter surfer definitely consider a hybrid style of bigger twin fins  like Tyler Warren Twin Fin  by Captain Fin Co . Or the EN by Futures  .

For the larger guys who love riding keels then go something like CF Yellow Keel by Captain Fin Co .

Also check out NEED ESSENTIALS online store they are an online  apparel co but have an awesome range of fins all designed by Torren Martyn . Here is the link 

Experiment with various setups to find what works best for you and if you are unsure , hit us up and we will try point you in the right direction .

Most of the links above are all Futures Base fins. If you are looking for keels or twins in FCS range here are a couple of options .

These Album keel fins by FCS look like a good performance style .

Looking for more of an upright style of twin fin have a look at MR fins by FCS . 

Formula Energy Twin Fin Maldives

 Twins are fun , get onto it !