Rome Wasn't Built In A Day

Rome wasn't built in a day and fine surfboards take a little bit of time to make ! Custom boards normally take four to six weeks to make , depending on a few different factors . Consider, artwork , model (type of design) and amount of orders at that time . Complex boards with channels and intricate artwork always seem to take a little longer , plain white boards often get produced quicker than say a resin tint . However if you need your board a little quicker for that "boat trip" to the Mentawais ,hit us up , we will always do our best to deliver you that board in good time ! 

Above,Francecso an Italian surfer from Rome is riding one of those boards which takes a little longer to make. Its called the DCD Hi Flyer .

Although when we designed this board , essentially a performance twin fin based of some old school principles of what works as a twin or a two plus one set up, we didn't envisage it for barrels in Indonesia but more a fast ,cruiser board that would hold in pocket . It just goes to show how surfing has "evolved" from what "works" and what doesn't .

Francesco, told us the speed and drive is amazing ,stoked to hear that  because one of the key features is the "Single concave leading into four channels for extra speed and ''bite" with "V" off the tail ... great combination for producing a magic Twin Fin .

@surfingthrurome loving his DCD Hi Flyer in Bali . "Looks like its goes alright" !

The DCD Hi Flyer Inspired by the 1980's era but re-invented to perform .Stringer-less blank with Carbon Fused deck, single flyer swallow tail with four channels. Speed and flow with hold !