The Have Is Here

Looking for a fast big board for the down the line solid waves but want to move away from the traditional Indo gun or a Hawaiian Rhino chaser ? Then read on all new USC Have just may be right for you ! 

No need to pack "big red" the Have is modern version of a board designed for bigger waves in a compacted outline ! Based on the motto "foam is your friend" !

The "Have" has been a two year journey and many hours of "R & D" to come with a board that is compact enough in length to allow "Budget Airlines" travel ,but enough volume / foam  for that expected "swell event" that's been predicted !

For sure we agree that the traditional step up gun is proven in solid surf but sometimes you need a paddle friendly board to get you to that offshore reef , which may be a twenty minute "paddle" and tad more foam up front would be super handy . Carting around a 10'6 is just not an option ! Take a good look at the The Have !

Inspired by the Pipeline style single fins of the "seventies" era . I was looking for a board that would firstly get me to bigger waves , outer reefs and longer paddles but still work without having to cart round a "Waimea" style gun in board bag.

Key features of the USC Have:

Old School outline ,inspired by the "Seventies Single Fin Era".

Wide point is forward for lots of paddle power, but narrower tail width to still work in the pocket.

Rocker is flatter under the front foot, for lots of drive but still has nose lift and a nice balanced curve through the tail, to keep hold and control in steeper more critical waves.

Bottom shape, light double concave into soft V

Fin Set up is a five fin , ride as thruster or quad

Tail shape is rounded pin, which gives lots hold and drive but still will allow maneuverability in larger waves.

 Order 5 to 8 inches longer than your normal performance board. And of course wider.

Add few extra litres , three litres plus is optimal , "foam is your friend".