Save Your Deck

Want to save the deck of your new board and keep that "new look" for as long as possible? Well we have added a new more cost effective Innegra Mesh Option , as full deck inlay . Great for heavy footed surfers who tend to crush there decks.

Its a white lightweight fiber with a "minimalistic look" but a big positive for reducing foot wells and heel depressions .

And its a real inexpensive option  CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE

Key Features are :

Innegra Mesh is a high performance fiber used to essentially reinforce your surfboard and reduce wear and tear to the deck without detracting from the performance aspects without "dampening" the feeling of your board in fact it can improve the flex pattern . Benefits of using Innegra on the deck are:

Impact Resistant
Improve performance

We recommend combining any of the Innegra options with the USC Series. The stringerless models framed in the parabolic carbon rails are enhanced with performance properties Innegra offers. 

Click on Artwork above , then follow the dropdown menus to see all the options.