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If don't feel like wating for custom order then you can "buy this right now" , we have one Nemo Bollywood in stock 

 Green N Gold Resin Tint bottom , Futures Five Fin ride as thruster or quad.

This Nemo Bollywood model was a custom order returned due to error with artwork on the bottom . Has name on bottom but never been ridden , its brand new . Need anymore information please contact us . Please note fins are not included.

Dimensions: 5'10 by 19 7/8 by 2 1/2

Litres: 30

Black Beauty

This Black Hemp beauty is an USC Alien with a little twist !

Dimensions are 5'10 by 19 3/4 by 2 3/8 . Custom with a Black Hemp deck and a slighter wider USC carbon rails infused with a blue composite . 

Its bullet proof surfboard , made to last but most important built to perform in a wide range of conditions !

Learn more about the Carbon in previous Blog posts , but it is slighter wider blue infused high quality carbon rail "tape" or parabolic rail. Designed primarily to enhance the performance of the surfboard , as the carbon has a superior memory flex to your traditional wooden stringer standard blank.

In simple language, it's looks good , goes unreal and will last a long time ! 

Searching For Strength

Looking for a surfboard that lasts longer , and will be a keeper in the quiver ? Check out our latest combination of organic material and high quality carbon .

Below is our latest combination of Black Hemp / Lyocell material on the deck combined with the USC Carbon rail , parabolic lay-up . 

The Carbon is a slightly wider version than normal which is infused with a blue tint , its extra width and combination with the Organic Hemp material makes this one of the strongest most durable high performance surfboards available .

Heavy footed surfers or guys who have had a bad run with snapping or creasing boards should definitely take a good look at this combinations of materials.

Of course all surfboards can snap or crease , we don't claim or guarantee to build the indestructible surfboard , that would be ludicrous but we can go off history and many of our customers have had Formula Energy board last in the quiver for an average of double your standard performance shortboard , many longer .

And that just adds to another green factor , less landfill as every surfboard we make , we make to be keepers !

The blue Carbon is not standard but is available on custom orders , need anymore info email or contact us here ...

Convert Me


USC Convert custom with a Light Grey Foam Spray . Dimensions are 5'6 by 19 1/2 by 2 1/4 . Litres are 25.60 litres .

Small wave speed machine , ride as a quad which gives incredible speed , drive and hold.  

Or mix it with a thruster set up , and get more release and pivot out of your turns . 

This is the model that gets you psyched for small gutless waves ! Whilst your mates are umming and arghing in the car park on surfing or not , when the waves are looking pretty dire . You will be straight out there on the Convert , flowing over dead sections with speed to burn with this pointy nose model cleverly disguising plenty foam throughout the plan shape , low entry rocker with little tail kick and double flyer squash , means you will be "bleeding off" speed whilst other surfers are bogging and bouncing through flat sections, or 'hey' probably not even out there !

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